Restore Hope/Mountain of Food

rh1Restore Hope Ministries was established in 1978 by the Tulsa area United Methodist congregations. These churches recognized that the working poor families in the Tulsa area needed help. The mission is to “restore families in financial crisis to economic and spiritual vitality.” Restore Hope is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church and is located at 2960 Charles Page Boulevard (one block west of Gilcrease Museum Road).









Restore Hope carries out its mission in three distinct ways: 1) hunger reduction, 2) homeless prevention, and 3) hope promotion.

1. Hunger reduction – Restore Hope distributed more than 163,000 pounds of food to over 4,500 families last year.
2. Homeless prevention – Over 720 families (representing approximately 1,800 individuals) were provided with rent assistance during a time of sudden loss of income.
3. Hope promotion – Emotional and spiritual nurture are provided during times of crises. Daily chapel services, prayer counselors, and chaplain support are available. Almost 2,100 individuals attended Chapel services over the past year.

Restore Hope also serves many families through school supplies, Thanksgiving meals, housekeeping kits with basic cleaning supplies, and a Merry Christmas family sponsorship program.

rhEach year in October and November, New Haven collects food for Restore Hope through its “Mountain of Food” campaign. Members are encouraged to contribute money that goes to purchase flats of boxed or canned food. The flats of food are stacked in the front of the New Haven sanctuary and the many thousands of pounds of food that are purchased form a “Mountain of Food.” On the last Sunday of the campaign, volunteers load up the food and deliver the flats to Restore Hope.

If you want to learn more about Restore Hope or the Mountain of Food campaign, please contact Dick or Kay Garwood at 918-492-8626 or at [email protected].

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