Sunday Morning for Children









Children’s Sunday Celebration

from 9:45 am to 10:45 am

Children Kindergarten through the 5th grade meet in is held in room 185 (right next to the church lobby). join together to learn about stories from the Bible, the teachings of Jesus, God’s abundant Love and Grace, and how the Holy Spirit is at work on our lives. This mixed age group allows for our older children to take on leadership/mentor roles to our younger children and encourages strong bonds and friendships amongst our Faith family. We teach children to be disciples of Jesus Christ by focusing on ways in which we can carry His love into the world, from lessons on acceptance and kindness to mission opportunities. Our curriculum is set up in a such a way that visitors/guests can easily join in on the class. New friends are ALWAYS welcome!

Children younger than Kindergarten meet in our Nursery, room 174.

We hope to see you Sunday morning!