Dear Friends:

On May 23rd, the Administrative Council of the New Haven United Methodist Church made adjustments to our Covid-19 protocols that impact our daily operations. There can and will be future adjustments as situations change, and we will keep you informed. Until then the following procedures will be observed:

1. For those who are fully vaccinated masks are optional when entering the building.

2. For those who are unvaccinated we request that you continue to wear a mask when entering the building.

3. We are providing hand sanitizer and request that all persons sanitize their hands upon entry.

4. If you are not feeling well or are running a temperature, please do NOT enter the building.  Please stay home and take care of yourself, watch us on Livestream, or participate in classes and meetings by Zoom.

5. Masking in Worship will follow the guidelines in items 1 & 2. We encourage you to observe social distancing and continue to place the well being of others as being an expression of God’s love and grace.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for all God’s children and our employees. We hope these procedures will enhance your experience while maintaining safe conditions.

Thank you!

Rev. James Graham